About the project

Amber Valley Borough Council became aware of the Future High Streets Fund (FHSF) and saw that Heanor represented a fantastic opportunity for a bid in the borough. With The Grammar being in close proximity to the Market Place and High Street, renovating the building is expected to help lift the centre of town and bring visitors from outside of the area.

The bid was created and when successful, the team moved full steam ahead to finalise the purchase of the building and create the scope of work for each of the FHSF projects.

Core elements for The Grammar were:

  • Identity - help create Heanor as a destination.
  • Public benefit – create spaces all members of the public can enjoy.
  • Conservation – retain an historical asset.
  • Agile spaces – create a building that can change with use rather than be constrained.
  • Connectivity and accessibility – make it easier to move around the town centre.
  • Sustainability – use more modern building techniques to minimise carbon emissions.

As the project moves and evolves through the renovation journey, we’re taking videos and pictures and adding them to our Facebook page.

A video of the tour of the building just before the main building contractors started can be watched on the link below.

We also created a series of display boards which we took to a public event in October 2022. The scope of the project hasn’t changed a great deal since then, so we took the boards out to the public again in 2023 and recorded a voice over to show what the future plans are, which can be viewed on the link below.